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Parents should be in control of their children’s education. The School Board members are elected officials who make money off taxpayer dollars. They should work for YOU. They should be transparent and held accountable to YOU. An educator’s job is to teach our children to think critically. Not to indoctrinate them with racist ideology. Parents and teachers should not be at the mercy of elected officials and unions. As your State Representative, I will meet with parents of this district and listen to your concerns and then take them to Lansing craton your behalf. Parents and teachers should not live in fear of standing up against the radical ideas that their kids are being taught. You should not have to pay thousands of dollars to pull your child out of public schools and continue to be taxed for what is being taught in public schools.


We need to get people back to work. Governor Whitmer and the Democrats in the Michigan Legislature are responsible for destroying the economy and high unemployment. Small businesses have been decimated and rather than following the lead of states who trusted their citizens to do the right thing by allowing businesses to open in June of 2020, she kept things restricted for a full year later. Huge wealth has shifted from the “mom and pop” shops to big corporations. We need to lower taxes, cut people off of unemployment and stop inflating the economy through more unnecessary spending.


No issue is more important than our freedom. We have forgotten that the Government is accountable to US—We the People. No elected official, no matter their political persuasion, should have the amount of control Governor Whitmer had through the pandemic. We the people stood up to fight her, while Michigan Democrats sat back silently and did nothing. If elected, I will work hard to change every law that gives ANY elected official that much power.